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Clark AB Photos

Larry D. Isgrig's page.
Many excellent Pinatubo photos.
Keith Buckingham's page.
Around the Philippines in the mid 60s with Keith!
Tim Vasquez's photos, Part 1
A collection of my photos from 1980 to 1982, mostly around the Hill Housing area and the FM Washout.
Tim Vasquez's photos, Part 2
A collection of my photos from 1980 to 1982, mostly around the Hill Housing area, and a couple of flightline photos.
Tim Vasquez's 40th Place area photos
A collection of my photos from 1980 to 1982 around 40th Place.
Clark 2000: Nowadays
A fascinating tour of significant buildings on the former Clark Air Base, courtesy of Mike Ward.
  • Quick tour of base (various sources)
  • Bambam Wash near Mactan Housing Area
  • Hill Housing along Davis Ave
  • Western Hill Housing
  • Regional Medical Center
  • Mactan Housing Area
  • Unsorted pictures (caution -- some of these may have up to 20 photos and may take a few minutes to load): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Aerial photos
    These photographs of Clark were taken in November 2000 by Mike Ward, who took an adventurous approach and chartered a Cessna to get a birds' eye view. In this picture series don't be surprised when I refer to places as part of "Clark Air Base". Yes, I know it's now the "Clark Special Economic Zone", but the older placenames are essential to those of us who lived there decades ago. Thanks, Mike, for these fantastic photos! Click on the first photo to start the tour, or click anywhere in the list to see specific photos.
  • Plaridel II, Angeles City
  • Carmenville, Angeles City
  • Main gate area, Angeles City
  • Dau area, Angeles City
  • Western area, Clark
  • Southern airfield, Clark
  • Airfield, Clark
  • Abacan River and Friendship 2 gate
  • Angeles City from west
  • Western base area, Clark
  • Entire base (wide view), Clark
  • Entire base (wide view), Clark
  • Sacabia River and Mactan
  • Northern base area (wide view), Clark
  • Northern base area (zoom), elephant cage, housing
  • Mount Pinatubo and crater lake
  • Expo Pilipino (elephant cage)
  • Airfield (northern side)
  • Airfield (northern side)
  • Golf course and Hill Housing
  • Golf course, FM Washout, and Hill Housing
  • Hill housing (wide view from west)
  • Sacabia River (overhead)
  • Sacabia River (overhead closeup)
  • Mactan savanna (Mactan and Sacabia River)
  • Hill Housing area and former Wurtsmith School
  • Hill Housing area over Clark Ave
  • Wagner High School
  • Wagner High School
  • Dixon Ave Housing
  • Golf Course and central base area
  • Central base area
  • Barn housing area
  • Lily Hill area
  • Lily Hill Middle School
  • Silver Wing area
  • Motorpool area
  • Flightline (nice view towards south)
  • Mabalacat area (mostly northeast part of base)
  • Mabalacat/Dau from airfield
  • Clarkview area
  • Downtown Angeles City
  • Angeles City / Dau area closeup
  • Dau area looking east
  • Pampanga province looking northeast towards Tarlac
  • Dau area looking west
  • Dau area and Angeles City
  • Mabalacat area looking north
  • Eastern base area with rice fields

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