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Clark Air Base sounds

collected by Tim Vasquez

If pictures just don't do it for you, here's some audio clips that were recorded at Clark. If your browser doesn't recognize MP3 files, I would suggest downloading the shareware program Winamp.

Be sure to check out:
  • WHOA AFRTS page, where you'll find RealAudio files from AFRTS' 1520 Club in 1963. They're made available courtesy of John Glaubke '64 and Danny Theobald '66.
  • DWRT-FM Makati was a progressive Top 40 station listened to by many at Clark during the 1980s. It's still around, and you can hear a live feed!

    Midnight Rambler
    June 1982 (AM radio). SSgt Frank Krebs, DJ. (0:34)

    Power Condition Bulletin
    June 1982. Clark Air Base suffered from a power crisis in 1981-82 (exact reasons not known) and rolling blackouts were common. This is a public service bulletin indicating what "power condition" Clark was in. The information was also available on the time & temperature telephone recording. (0:25)

    Good Morning song
    February 1981. Saccharin-sweet opening song of morning show at Clark AB using off-the-shelf AFRTS material. If this was Good Morning Vietnam Robin Williams' character would have burned this recording! (0:45)

    Morning show opening
    March 4, 1981. The DJ was SSgt Mike Knowles ("with you and with the music"). It's interesting how American history was constantly crammed into AFRTS programming. (2:06)

    End of news, beginning of morning show
    February 1981. Ending of news and beginning of morning show. (1:42)

    Saturday afternoon
    September 1980. Sister Sledge "Reach Your Peak" leads into DJ chitchat on a weekend afternoon. (2:55)

    FM Station Identification
    1981. Tthis is just their station identification. Unfortunately the FM broadcast was used mostly for easy-listening "Lawrence Welk" style music. (0:40)

    UPI News
    September 23, 1980 (AM radio). Syndicated programming from Los Angeles, but which was recorded at Clark. 5-minute UPI newscast covering false rumors of American hostages in Iran being released, President Carter campaigning on the west coast, ABSCAM crackdown, etc. (4:53)

    AWOL: It's No Laughing Matter
    July 1981. Syndicated programming from Los Angeles, but which was recorded at Clark. But it's no laughing matter! (0:45)

    Lincoln on College Credit
    1982. Syndicated programming from Los Angeles, but which was recorded at Clark. FEN and AFRTS were known for cornball commercials, including this college credit PSA.

    Wolfman Jack ending & news
    September 23, 1980. Syndicated programming from Los Angeles, but which was recorded at Clark. Remember how Wolfman Jack and other shows would end with standard filler music, then lead into the station ID and news? (4:59)

    Charlie Tuna
    1980. Syndicated programming from Los Angeles, but which was recorded at Clark. Who doesn't remember him? (0:42)


    San Miguel beer commercial
    1981, from DWRT-FM in Makati. (0:24)

    DWRT most popular songs
    October 1981, a sample of songs from my recordings from that month. A lot of my friends had gotten tired of AFRTS fare and started listening to DWRT that year, which played more up-to-date pop music (even the ultra-modern Depeche Mode). (4:35)

    DWRT radio clip
    October 1981, a Sheena Easton song followed by DJ talk, then a Yakult Milk commercial and a public service announcement. (2:11)


    Manila TV Commercials, 1980
    1980. Philip Morris, Citizen watches, Anson department stores, White Castle whiskey, and beginning of news. (2:25)

    More audio clips will probably be added in the near future.

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