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here are some more photos, scanned from prints.  The time was June-July 1991.  Mt Aryat was taken in 1988-89.  Hope you can find a home for them.
Later, Zig

Volcano #1
Photo #1

Mt. Pinatubo eruption

June 1991

Video of one of Bob Hope's Visits to Clark AB (2.7 mb mpeg format)
The Abacan Bridge
Photo #2

Bypassing the Abacan Bridge.

July 1991

Video of Grande Island (1.3 mb mpeg format)
A trip to Subic for single airmen
Photo #3

Another photo of the eruption.

June 1991

Video of one of the typical cars at Clark AB (2 mb mpeg format)
Photo #4

The Nepomart and damage from the ash fall and rains.

July 1991

Video of the Holy Week Flagellants in Angeles (2.7 mb mpeg format)
Mt Arayat
Photo #5

Mt Arayat is unchanged.


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