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* 8/15/2012: Never before seen online! The 1959 Welcome to Clark Air Base guide (PDF, 10 MB) is now available for download. Many thanks to Jacques Hahn for loaning out this item for us to scan and archive.
* 5/22/2012: The forums had to be taken down temporarily due to problems with spam accounts and spam in the forums. The forums will be brought back soon with all posts intact. Thanks for your patience.

Clark's rough start in the 19th century gave way to warm friendship between the Filipino and American military. An era ended in 1991 with the eruption of Mt Pinatubo.

Now in stock: The Corregidor Story, the 1968 edition of the Clark Air Base Handbook, and several Philippine Flyer issues! Also see NCO Club Newsletters. For Mount Pinatubo items, see Airman Magazine and the Home For Christmas Philippine Flyer issue.

Road maps, base maps, aeronautical charts, and satellite photos. And there's much more, including blueprints, in our map directory.

Hold onto your seat -- we've got over 100 MB of photos online! Plus some excellent photo essays by people who were at Clark.
Including the 13 AF, 3 CSG, 3 SPG, 405 FW, and 5 CMG. Check the offsite links below for more!

Listen to actual broadcasts and recordings from Clark AB in the form of MP3 and RealAudio files.

The most exhaustive list of Clark links anywhere! For personal web pages of those who attended Clark schools, drop by the WHOA site.

Almost everything you wanted to know -- and didn't -- about living halfway around the world! Climatological normals for the base are here.

For retirees
A special page for retirees still in the Clark area. Contains year 2000 issues of the Afterburner and a RAO office link.

Even though we're the Clark AB Pages, we also welcome anyone who was at Clark Field, Fort Stotsenburg, Camp John Hay, Camp O'Donnell, Camp Wallace, Nichol's Field, Fort William McKinley, Port of Manila or any other U.S. Army or Air Force installation in the Philippines.

If you want to share your Clark AB experience and photos for posterity, please contact me at the link below. Services available for free include creating a permanent page on this website for you to tell your story, giving you user space if you'd like to upload your own files, and scanning/returning photos to you. -- Tim

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