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Clark Air Base

City Picto Map, Clark Air Base / Angeles City. DMATC S901 Edition 1, March 1974. 1:12,500. One of the kids in the neighborhood at Clark had this map. Of course being a map collector even at age 11 I bought it from him for two bucks. You'll find some markings and notations on this map, mostly from me from when I lived there.
  • Angeles City
  • Plaridel and Clarkview
  • Friendship Gate
  • CE buildings area
  • Sapangbato area
  • West base, Wagner
  • Main base area
  • Airfield
  • Dau area
  • East of Dau
  • Top right corner of map
  • Mabalacat
  • North base area
  • Scale and Clark notations

  • Clark Air Base Blueprints. Comprehensive Base Plan, Department of the Air Force, Directorate of Engineering and Services DCS/PRE - Washington DC 1 April 1970 (revised 12 July 1978)
  • Central Base area -- BX, Commissary, Top Hat NCO Club, Gas Station, Bobbitt Theater, Library, Golf Course, Youth Center, Officers Club, 13 AF Headquarters, Chicken Coop, Silver Wing, Bamboo Bowl, Arts & Crafts Center, Bowling Alley, Coconut Grove Airmens Club, Lily Hill Middle School, Power Plant.
  • Hill Housing area -- Wurtsmith Elementary School, Grissom Elementary School, Wagner Middle School, Wagner High School, MARS Hill, FM Washout, Wagner Walkway (for Mactan housing area see Southwest Base Area section instead).
  • Southwest Base area -- Wagner schools, parade ground, southwest housing areas, MacArthur Elementary School, CE, FEN, POL, SATCOM, Mactan housing area inset.
  • Airfield area -- MAC Terminal, Base Supply, Power Plant, PAF, Bamboo Bowl, Base Ops, Alert Hangar.
  • Angeles City area -- does not include Angeles City itself but shows the on-base areas nearby, including the gates, the Aero Club, the cemetery, the skeet range, and the ammo dump.
  • Mabalacat area -- does not include Mabalacat itself but shows the on-base areas. Includes drop zone, Prime Beef training area, ordnance demolition range, north ammo dump, and sewage treatment plant.
  • North base area -- "Elephant Cage", stables, etc. There's not really much to see on this section.
  • Camp O'Donnell -- small base about 15 miles north of Clark Air Base.
  • Reference map -- if you're not sure which section you want to see.

  • Hill Housing Map -- a very nice map of how Clark Hill Housing existed back in 1982, courtesy of Tangent Mapping Services.

    40th Place Layout -- graphic depiction of the layout of a typical circle in the Hill Housing area.

    Hill Housing Floor Plan -- this is sketched from memory. View floor plan A or floor plan B (mirror plan).

    AFTER 1991
    Clark Special Economic Zone

    SPOT Satellite photo of Clark AB on 5/10/95 shortly before massive renovations forever changed its appearance. Also see photos for Angeles City, Olongapo City, and Subic Bay & Grande Island. 10 meter resolution. Used with permission (C) CNES/SPOT Image 1992-1994.

    CSEZ Street Map -- this is perhaps the nicest and most thorough map of Clark as it exists nowadays.

    Clark Special Economic Zone map, dated around 1998, courtesy United Tourist Promotions. Also see the Angeles City map.

    CSEZ Land Use Map -- a newer map by Clark Development Corporation showing land use around Clark in 2001.

    CSEZ 5-Year Master Plan -- an older, somewhat-marginal quality reproduction of a Clark Development Corporation map indicating zoning and land use arrangements.

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